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Information: was launched in July of 2004 as a web magazine/online publication which would bring relevant and quality content to the South Asian youth at a time when other publications were out of touch, and over the years we have done just that. focuses on South Asian Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Community with an emphasis on originality. We pride ourselves on original content and that is why is now the fastest growing, and one of the largest South Asian online publications.

Over the years has become the one stop destination for the latest in South Asian Event/Concert Reviews and Photos, Music and Bollywood News, and a Featured Arists section which showcases not just established but up and coming musicians/comedians/DJ’s and other artists within the South Asian Community.

We also provide other services to our clients such as event management and organization, custom promotions, photography and video. If you require a photographer for your event, just email us with the details of your upcoming event and we will do our best to cater all your needs.


The team can be contacted at any time through the Contact Us tab or by emailing us at We will do our best to respond to your email within 48 hours.

Awais Jaffery

Web Development, Founder, Director

Bilal Jaffery

Social Media Marketing Manager

Annie Sheikh


Maliha Haider


Muneeb Ahsan

Marketing Manager

Nabil Uppal

Public Relations

If you are interested in joining the Team as a Columnist or Photographer you can send an email to